Predictive maintenance improves
safety and efficiency

A network that can deliver insights almost anywhere.

Predictive maintenance: oil alert
Speed: 48 mph
Time at location: 90 mins
ELD: 8 hrs


The broad reach of the Ioticiti network can overcome the dearth of network coverage found on roads or routes less travelled. Where there is no population base, there was little chance of a cellular network to reach remote and challenging industrial locations. Our network can go where you need it most. IoT ensures time- and cost-efficiency gains for all modes of transportation, as all are affected by unexpected delays: traffic, weather, and operational or mechanical issues. With a steady stream of operational data, key functions and areas of compliance can be monitored for a safer and more efficient transportation network.

Predictive maintenance, driver or operator behaviour, regulatory compliance and real-time and on-time delivery can all help businesses ensure delivery timing, product integrity and security is optimized in any transportation system.

Sensors and devices monitor speed, time at location along with operator behavior and Hours of Service (HOS).  Key data allows monitoring in real-time and preventive maintenance, with the reach and range of private, secure IoT network connectivity.