Capacity without congestion

An IoT network with the ability to prioritize data traffic.

Network capacity and
data management

Over 75 billion devices could be connected to the Internet of Things by 2020, including a vast array of sensors, alarms, lights, switches, pumps, gauges and much more. These devices require seamless two-way connectivity to a low-power network, to ensure reliable coverage, acknowledged message transmission and capacity for valuable data.

We provide message receipt acknowledgement, the ability to prioritize data traffic and usage, and strong collision avoidance. Our network requires less power for connected devices to send data and is resource efficient: for example, a one-minute cellular voice call uses about 1.3 MB of data, which is equal to roughly 13,000 IoT messages.

Unlicensed, public IoT networks are hampered by congestion. Other wireless networks, such as LTE and 4G, are less suited to IoT as they are not designed to transmit small amounts of data efficiently and can drain batteries and hog bandwidth.

Full-stack, end-to end solutions that include secure, wide-area private wireless network access, mobile data terminals, onboard sensors, dispatch systems, data presentation and data archiving, all under a secure private network umbrella. It’s a premium service intended for businesses managing high-value assets, infrastructure and inventory.