Secure your advantage with audited security

A new option for secure IoT connectivity.

Private, purpose-built and secure

Security concerns may be the biggest impediment to the adoption of IoT technology. Ioticiti is not impeded with the same IoT security issues that other network providers are working to mitigate. Unlike cellular, ISM band or other public, shared networks, Ioticiti’s network is private, secure and not accessible by outside parties. We have complete control over the network environment, including data, applications and end-user devices. As a result, our network is inherently secure.

We implement meticulous standards to provide and sustain proprietary privacy and enterprise-grade security, including encryption of over-the-air data and tight integration of hardware and software-based security applications. These standards apply at every level, for authentication and authorization, and for data capture, storage and presentation.

Radio channel protocol

We employ a unique over-the-air protocol that is proprietary and secure. Unlike other well-documented public protocols, such as TCP/IP and cellular’s over-the-air protocol, our network’s radio channel protocol is not publicly accessible. We maintain complete control of who can access the network and what applications may apply.

System access security

Access to our private, secure wireless network requires authorization via our network server, which in turn requires authorization via a radio network router. Mobile units may only sign on to the network with unique authentication credentials.

Advanced encryption standard

We provide 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES). As Ioticiti has complete control over the network environment, including the wireless network, applications and end-user devices, our network is secure with enterprise-grade encryption to the application level.

We offer what other non-private networks cannot: a combination of enterprise-grade security, privacy, reliable transmission and capacity – with no public congestion.