Gain efficiency and reduce downtime

Expand your market and delivery radius.


Ioticiti Connect for Ready-mix provides everything you need on board. We provide hardware, software applications, secure private IoT network access and customer support—everything you need to easily deploy an IoT solution, all from a single vendor.

More than “dots on maps”, it’s an integrated solution that offers critical information relevant to each stage of the ready-mix delivery cycle. It enables you and your dispatchers to make fast, informed decisions that will ultimately optimize each ready-mix loads and reduce the amount of concrete lost or wasted. You gain:

  • Real-time alerts of all critical information
  • Fleet diagnostics
  • Workforce Monitoring
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Location and accurate ETA of delivery
  • Amount of Concrete on-board
  • Amount of water added to the load at discharge time
  • Amount of concrete poured
  • Quality of mix
  • Arrival & Departure time stamped
  • Driver I.D.
  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Unauthorized Operation Reporting

Each vehicle is outfitted with onboard sensors that measure water levels and drum rotation speed and direction. Our mobile data terminal gathers information from the sensors and delivers it via our private network to dispatchers, so you can be sure your data is secure. We work with you to define the data points you want to track and set up system alerts that automatically notify you if abnormalities arise, such as a drum that stops rotating.

Our applications and sensors also maximize route efficiencies by knowing current location and traffic conditions. Dispatchers view vehicles live, so you can contact the drivers as needed and provide customers with accurate information on their order status and delivery times.

  • gain efficiencies and generate additional revenue from new business insights
  • expand your market coverage and delivery radius up
  • convert customer overages to resell leftover product
  • reduce idle time and costs associated with fuel
  • reduce maintenance costs and downtime associated with driver behaviour.